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Damos Z Taranth
03 May 2010 @ 06:57 am
Age: 24
Where you grew up: Melbourne, Australia
1. A body of water, smaller than a river, contained within relatively narrow banks: Creek
2. What the thing you push around the grocery store is called: Trolley
3. A metal container to carry a meal in: Lunchbox?
4. The thing that you cook bacon and eggs in: Frying pan
5. The piece of furniture that seats three people: Couch
6. The device on the outside of the house that carries rain off the roof: Gutters
7. The covered area outside a house where people sit in the evening: Verandah </horrible>
8. Carbonated, sweetened, non-alcoholic beverages: Lemonade
9. A flat, round breakfast food served with syrup: Pancake
10. A long sandwich designed to be a whole meal in itself: Long roll (or, subway)
11. The piece of clothing worn by men at the beach: Bathers? (Male-specific... board shorts? It's been too long.)
12. Shoes worn for sports: ...Shoes.
13. Putting a room in order: Cleaning up?
14. A flying insect that glows in the dark: Firefly
15. The little insect that curls up into a ball: Pillbug
16. The children's playground equipment where one kid sits on one side and goes up while the
other sits on the other side and goes down: See-saw
17. How do you eat your pizza: With great enjoyment?
18. What's it called when private citizens put up signs and sell their used stuff: Garage sale
19. What's the evening meal?: Dinner
20. The thing under a house where the furnace and perhaps a rec room are: Basement (although I think I can name one person who has one)
21. What do you call the thing that you can get water out of to drink in public places: Drink tap.
Damos Z Taranth
We understand that you are probably a busy person. Possibly a safety-conscious person. Not necessarily a hyper-organised person.

But there is something we, the fast-food workers of the country, would like you to know.

We are being timed. And our ability in service is judged on that time. At our store, our target average is 50 seconds, which is a stepping stone to an ultimate target of 45. As some cars are unavoidably much longer than this due to large orders or unforseen issues, removing outliers the desirable time should be closer to 30 seconds. And when everything's going well, we can pull this off quite effectively.

I know some restaurants are slow. I know that some just don't care. But for those of us that do, every second that ticks by which you spend at our window hurts our average, far and apart from holding up other customers behind you.

Have your money ready, or at least readily accessible, when you come to the window. Sometimes you lose that one coin you needed - that's alright. Sometimes you're delivering a whole handful of change to empty your wallet out - that's okay too, we almost always could use more change. But if you're going to have to get out of the car and rummage through your trunk to find your purse, couldn't you have done that BEFORE you got to drive-through? Or heaven forfend, come in through the front?

If you don't know what you want, and want to have a long discussion with someone regarding the possibilities, do not use the drive through. Especially if your english is not great, or even if you have a strong accent. I know that sounds harsh and possibly racist, but realise that your voice is being transmitted through a speaker along with the wind and the sound of your engine and the radio and anyone else in your car for background noise, and if we can't understand you and you can't understand us then we're going to waste a lot of time failing to communicate, probably while we're trying to do other crazy things like serve other customers and keep the store organised and clean. A lot of what we do in drive-through is finding those few little syllables which correspond to a product we understand, and if you're making a complicated order when you pronounce things differently to us, we're going to have some trouble finding those hints.

Please tell us if you have any coupons or similar. Deleting and reentering meals is a task which requires manager attention in many stores, and if we enter a meal only to find that we need to re-enter it to adjust the price, it wastes your time, our time, and the manager's time.

And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, once you have your meal, drive on. Make a cursory check to determine everything is there by all means, we're not perfect and mistakes do happen - at some places more than others, and I like to think at my restaurant less than most - but understand that while you spend time carefully putting change back in your purse, closing your purse, putting your purse in your handbag, putting your handbag carefully behind the seat - no, not there, just a bit that way, yes, that's right - distributing food amongst your children, making sure everyone's got the right thing, taking out some of the food and starting to nibble on it, putting the food in just the right place so it won't fall down, and adjusting it so you can pull some out to eat as you go, pulling your seatbelt on, readjusting the food so you can click it in, opening your drink, having a sip, then carefully closing and placing it on the cupholder...

THERE ARE OTHER CUSTOMERS WAITING, AND OUR TIMER IS TICKING. I fail my manager evaluation if that timer average goes too high. All the managers get lower bonuses, and yelled at by our bosses, if that timer goes too high.

We don't ask much. Please be nice to your servers - it's a crap job and we're underpaid, every little bit you can do makes us happier, and happier staff are more likely to make your visit more enjoyable too.

-- This rant was brought to you by me, having watched over the course of today alone, no less than three people whose orders were less than $5, and were ready to be handed out before they reached the window, and who could have been there and gone in less than 15 seconds, nonetheless spend more than one and a half minutes parked there fiddling with the contents of their car.
Damos Z Taranth
31 October 2008 @ 12:40 am
So, this NaNoWriMo everyone keeps talking about.

By everyone I mean one or two friends of mine who'd probably write that much anyone and one Canadian friend who uses it to turn RP transcripts into works of fiction - not half badly, but eh.

I've not done anything for it before because a) I haven't written anything not rp-related since I was about 18, and b) I tend to have exams until about halfway through November, which really tends to bugger up writing.

But this year! This year I only have exams until the 6th.

And while I still have no chance of actually producing any decent fiction work as a novel, I DO have so much bloody RP work to do it's not funny.

So this is just basically being put up because I don't want me to forget I said I'd do this. November. 50k words worth of RP posts, planning, world-building documents, and related awesome.

...It's only like 2000 words a day... how hard can it be? >_>
Damos Z Taranth
27 February 2008 @ 01:28 pm
Is there such a thing as preemptive procrastination?

Well I'm here at uni. I don't really have much else to do, and I don't have any homework really worth speaking of. I have a couple of RPs I need to write for, but no huge rush there. I could be doing work on other stuff, but it's not urgent. It will be, I'm sure, but...

So for some reason the need to procrastinate came to me - despite the fact there's nothing I need to procrastinate ON. So I figure I'm going to get my procrastination in EARLY, so that when the time comes that I DO need to do work, I'll have already performed procrastination and thus can get right to it.

It makes perfect sense, right?

Also, I'd like to take this moment to note that procrastination is an incredibly long word, and if I keep going on this track, I'm going to start procrastinating on writing it, so time to move on.

So. It's been 37 weeks since I last wrote an entry on LJ, according to LJ's it-has-been function, and I have no real reason to believe it doesn't know what it's talking about. I mean, there's no chance that LJ has some long-stretching grand master plan for all of our detriments... and even when it does, I can't see how misinforming us of how many weeks it has been can be useful. Of course, I can't see the big picture yet.

I am back at uni! I am currently in year five of a four year course, because a couple of years ago, I sucked at uni and filled with fail. Worse yet, I have nine subjects left to complete, at four subjects per semester. THIS NUMBER IS FULL OF FAIL AND BLAH.

However, I have no intention of failing any further.

Mainly because my girlfriend's mother has left some wonderfully vague threats as to what might happen should I do so XD

My life is currently stretched between roleplaying, KFC, uni work and several of my friends who seem to enjoy my presence for some reason, and the concept of actually not only having a life but having enough of one that I no longer have any free time is slightly disconcerting. I may have to cut down slightly in order for success at uni to occur, but I say never. I just have to attend lectures more. At least one subject's lecturer has already made it stunningly clear that he does not believe in internet-bound lecture notes, and with some of the hardest subjects I've ever had (bar of course quantum physics) lined up, I can't afford to wave things off this time.

And I STILL have no idea what I'm going to do once I get out of this...

Anyway, back to it. Don't know what it is, but it is apparently behind me, so I can go back to-- yeah that wasn't very funny. I'm reaching now XD

Off to work on RP stuff I guess!

Maybe be updating this more in future ^.^

Note: The author of this journal takes no responsibility for any damage due to shock, falling off chairs, or heart failure caused by seeing him update his journal.
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Damos Z Taranth
07 June 2007 @ 10:33 am
Your Ultimate Purity Test 2.0 Score Is...
Your Score:Average For All UsersAverage For All
( total)
Dating65.38%34.26%Flirts mildly, then runs away
Self-Lovin'66.67%61.2%Master of your domain
Shamelessness95.16%77.52%Has yet to see self in mirror
Sex Drive90.48%75.21%Monks are envious
Straightness25.93%39.62%Experienced, but with room to grow
Gayness96.3%78.47%Repressed, are we?
Dominant95%86.94%Afraid to cross at "Don't Walk" signs
Fucking Sick92.86%89.99%Refreshingly normal
Submissive100%87.31%Submits to no one... almost
Total Score82.89%73.97%
Take The Ultimate Purity Test 2.0
and see how you match up!

(By The Ferrett)

Well, of just about all the people I know who've done this test recently, I'm by a fair margin the most pure...

The placement of several of the things are amusing. =D

ethanarchy, I'd like to see your results. Mainly to check whether they have negative values possible.

Anyway, this is just procrastination on homework. Exam tomorrow. Off I go XD
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Damos Z Taranth
11 May 2007 @ 11:04 am
Courtesy of martyfan and darkjediprinces, this amused me and offered me procrastination =D

I have taken care to remove the japanese music from the list, because there's only one person who reads my journal who would have a chance with that. A lot of the rest is pretty obscure too, though.

The number in brackets before each is the number of songs I had to skip because they were japanese or had no lyrics at all :)

Oh, and if after listening to the song five times ~I~ had to look up the lyrics on google, I skipped that too XD Take THAT, Rhapsody.

Sad thing is, I don't really know half of these songs myself. If nobody guesses correctly, I'm probably never going to be able to remember them.
Whee, ka-cuttityCollapse )
Damos Z Taranth
Okay, last night had a strange dream, which I remembered surprisingly well, and I'm not entirely certain where it came from. ^^; And since I'm not keen on my creativity running away from me, ladies and gentlemen, one very strange dream script.

Dream a little dream...Collapse )

I’m not sure I WANT to have this analyzed =D Scary thing is, I think I can link a great deal of what happened in to various factors in real life...
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Damos Z Taranth
19 April 2007 @ 07:20 am
In a moment of pure awesomeness and joy, I would just like to note that I have just obtained a shiny.

I just won the pepsi competition I spoke of in an earlier post. I will soon be the proud possessor of a $1500 laptop.

And I have many, many labels left to enter. ^_______^
Damos Z Taranth
01 April 2007 @ 04:41 am
Well, I've just gotten back from another one of those DELIGHTFUL two-man graveyard shifts that I have, ooh, I don't know, EVERY WEEK. A lot of them are rather dealable these days because I'm working with probably the mightiest worker in the store, who does most of the work while I serve customers, but this one was a bit of a bugger.

For starters I'm on the back end of a rather unpleasant bug (the third in like five weeks - my immune system seems to have flown north for the winter) which means I probably shouldn't be working at all, but a) I wasn't feeling so bad b) I need the money and c) Let's face it, what are the chances of getting someone to cover a graveyard shift?

(Hint: The square root of -1 may be involved. Yes, that's right, the chance is so obscure it cannot be registered in natural numbers.)

However (There will be no more math for the rest of this entry, I promise, please don't flee) I'm quite glad I ended up going, for if nothing else the shift was... interesting.

For starters, I have learnt that the good people at Cadbury-schweppes - AKA Pepsi - have started a new competition. Quite similar to one they had a while ago - Every label has a code with which you can send in (for a small fee) by SMS, and play a rock-paper-scissors game for great justice - or at least great booty.

Last time they had a prize EVERY HALF HOUR which meant that my natural inclination to be up at the wee hours of morn came in handy for those hard-to-reach half-hours. I actually managed to win myself $500 - which unfortunately then proceeded to vanish quite quickly as I was unable to work over the exam period but it's $500 I wouldn't have otherwise had!

There was a choice between $500 in cash, two iPods (total value $600) and a phone (total value $650 or so). As I am quite content with my capable-of-sending-and-recieving-calls-and-SMS's $50 phone, not interested in the war that would quickly rise over the second iPod, and quite fond of cold hard cash, I chose the money.

THIS time, however, the choice is between $1000, a LAPTOP, and a PS3 AND PSP package.


Not only that, but since the prizes have obviously increased in value, it's now every HOUR instead of half hour, making these prizes even harder to get. :)


A PS3 would be AWESOME, and the PSP is just an extra bounce into the bargain. However, knowing how infrequently I use my PS2 - despite the awesome selection of games I own and yet have not played - I'm not sure whether I'd get anything out of it.

The Laptop... I've yet to look into the exact specs but a working laptop for free is simply not something you turn down. Not amazingly useful in terms of entertainment but vastly useful for, y'know, everything else. I've never been fond of the things but portability is always a HUGE plus.

And, well, $1000 is $1000.

Well, I suppose step one is hoarding labels and codes =D I already have three! I'd love to say I'm not going to be reduced to scrounging through the bins at work for the things, but that's a very small hit to my dignity compared to any of the prizes.

Other interesting factors at work today:

- I have seen the closest thing to essence of Bimbo I think I will ever see in real life. Makeup thick, bright blue clothes, bleached hair pulled up into very high ponytails which she was twirling around her fingers. I really didn't know this sort of thing happened in reality. She wasn't chewing gum, at least...

- I have also seen what must surely be the most ugly woman alive.

Now let me get this straight - apart from her appearance there was nothing wrong with this lady that I could see. She was quite polite, quick with her money, no issue whatsoever, but dear god. Her face appeared to have been wax that had then MELTED onto her skull and dripped down. Her body not only sagged but OOZED, and her enormous cleavage was held in check by a pitiable, tiny lace affair which would surely have been far too low to be even vaguely respectable on anyone else. She seemed dressed to... impress - and her makeup was even worse.

Apparently having applied her makeup with a shotgun, it seemed to have melted in a completely DIFFERENT pattern to that of her face, creating strange shadows and nigh-on-non-euclidean designs. Some small jewellery graced her arms, I think, but I cannot remember it. Her fingernails - grown long and thick like flat-tipped claws - were painted in a brilliant turquoise that clashed with amazing precision with every other colour she wore.

I know this sounds awful of me to say, but words cannot describe this. I like to think that my personal tastes are wide enough and my mind open enough to see good in most things, but this was far past subjective taste and well into objective fact. Lady, whoever you are, I wish you the best.

- A large group of drunken teens happened past the store at approximately 2AM, along with a sudden run of cars. One of the cars' drivers, having been made to feel unduly threatened by the drunken teens around (and honestly I don't blame him) made a note to inform me that this "was unacceptable" and that we should have a bigger security detail on. He let me know in no uncertain terms that he would be speaking to KFC head office, and the local council, about having our licence to stay open to X in the morning revoked.

I think it was a true exercise in self-control to nod serenely and apologise, and not inform him of how DEVASTATED I would be if our store was to be FORBIDDEN from having a graveyard shift!

Not that there's any chance of that happening, unless this guy is connected beyond all reason. Best that could possibly happen is that we're forbidden to serve walk-throughs... although I really can't see that improving matters with the drunken louts, at least in the short-term...

Oh, and despite the fact that it was drizzling all night long, we had an amazing number of walkers AND bikers.

Anyway, it's 5:16AM and I think the time for exceptionally coherent babbling has passed. To bed, to bed!
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Damos Z Taranth
20 March 2007 @ 02:38 pm
Okay. Procrastination has, over time and especially with the development of the internet, been developed into an art form. Procrastinating going to work, doing schoolwork, doing chores, doing tax forms, taking over the world...

Right now I seem to be procrastinating leaving the computer. There is absolutely no good reason for me to be doing this - hell, there's nothing LEFT for me to do here except walk out the door. I'm roleplaying tonight, and it's something I'm definately looking forward to, I just have yet to be bothered walking out the door.

Of course, the roleplaying tonight is actually not starting for some time so it's not exactly like I'm procrastinating that. I'm just sitting here.

....Well I suppose I DO have some homework I could be doing...

Anyway, this Livejournal post is primary devoted to whoever posted anonymously on my last LJ post on January 24th, with a beautiful statement of love and kindness. I really don't know why, but reading your heartwarming message made me want to bring this thing back to life for the first time in five months. I don't know who it is or what their reasoning is for their expressing their feelings, but it really helps me know that people care about what I do here. ^_^

Well, so far this year seems to be off to a good start which sorta wound down a little. I started out going to my lectures, having a good time, and then caught two seperate sicknesses on two weeks in a row, and missed a large slew of lectures because of it.

Although we're technically still in the early weeks, I'm recognising the trouble signs already - the thought that I shouldn't bother going to the new lectures because I don't know what's happened in the old, and the thought that the early lectures aren't that important and don't require that much study. These two spark off a vicious cycle that I'm going to have to cut off soon (and am already working towards) - but for some reason despite this my free time seems to be less and less. I've discovered that running roleplays can be incredibly time-consuming now that I've got two pretty large ones going together. With roleplaying two nights a week and working three, this usually leaves one night for other commitments and one night to myself, and somehow they all seem to be eaten up. I think I need to really start on the timetabling business again.

I had a rather ambitious plan to start drawing a comic at one stage, but that's going to require a great deal of assault to get working, and I think I'll leave beginning that for the holidays. On top of that I need to find myself a new job - KFC is beginning to reach the point of truly ridiculous. Can anyone suggest a fun alternative? :)

ethanarchy is forbidden from responding to that question. Ever.

So yes, apart from some small time-management issues the world is going quite well. My finances steadily increase, I'm no longer doing physics, I like to THINK I'm losing weight, and things with Sarah are awesome, even if the whole Tasman Sea thing can be a bit of a pain occasionally. Her parents are coming to Melbourne on work this week, but unfortunately she doesn't have the leave or finances to join them - something they justifiably tease her about no end.

And that should be just about enough of me babbling about my life. Congratulations folks! You have been updated! It's only a bare-bones really, but hey, that's a quick summary. What, did you think I was going to give full details on my month-long trip to visit Sarah in New Zealand? Pish-posh.

Take care, folks! I'll say I'll try to keep this better updated in future, but we all know that's going to be a lie.
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